storage services

Storage Services

‘BT Movers and Packers’ is a trustable name already in moving and shifting as well as in luggage storage services in Dubai. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable service for your carriage, no need to go anywhere else. We have all what you need. From daily basis to monthly and annual basis, we have every type of short term and long term storage packages for our customers. No matter if you are a foreign and going to your homeland, going for enjoying your holidays in another country or simply if you are in search of a new house, in every condition ‘BT Movers and Packers’ is always a reliable choice. If you leave your old house and shifting to a new house immediately, you can use our shifting services or simply if you left the house and you have not chosen a house already, you can get benefit from our storage services.

Regardless of the quality and reliability, we have made our service affordable for every type of customers. Instead of having a rigid Terms and conditions we have flexible packages so you can choose whether to store for a day, a week, a month or a year. As an alternative to expensive services, we have all what those companies are providing and even better than those, but for an affordable price.

In addition to customer satisfaction and affordability, Safety of the customer’s luggage is 100% guaranteed. This is because Trust is the most important thing we always care for. We provide you the keys of the storage space in which your luggage is stored so as to ensure that your luggage is in your own hands. This is a unique feature provided by ‘BT Movers and Packers’ although even most of other top class services refused to do so.



packers and movers services

Packers and

Get the hassle-free moving and packing services. With ‘BT Movers and Packers’ it’s as easy as delivering something from one room to another. Safe Vehicles makes it a lot easier. No matter how long the Journey will be, luggage will be arrived at the destination with in time and in its original form.

office relocation services


During Office and corporate relocation it’s quite a difficult task especially having the documents to deal with. We know that there are many important documents out there, whose lost can cause a serious disadvantage but Don’t Worry! Because our experienced staff not only helps you in hassle-free relocation but also to finish up with your paper work and deliver each and every piece of paper with great care and responsibility.

office packing and moving services

Office Packing and

Our experienced staff packs and delivers each and every thing in such a professional way that you will feel no difference in your new and old office. No need to confuse and worry about anything, our staff move the things in such a way that you should have no need to worry about. There is no chance for your office things to be lost as they will be carried by trusted employees.

home moving and packing services

Home Packing and

Tired of hiring expensive and inconvenient packing and moving services? We provide you the best packing and moving service without putting a single scratch to your luggage. Even a single piece will not be damaged. You can rely on us, it’s our Promise.

removal services


We are best and professional residential and commercial removals. We provide quality removal services for our valuable customers at affordable prices. We provide our removal services according to customer’s budget which is why you should check BT Movers and Packers LLC.

furniture installation services


We have experts which has Professional skills in configuring, setting up and Installation of any type of furniture. We provide the maintenance in such a professional way that even a piece of each furniture is saved from a single scratch. We always drag and carry with extreme care.

packaging material services


Have some type of fragile material? Like glass etc. No need to worry. We will carry each and every single piece and move it in our comfortable vehicles in such a way that their chances to broken are almost zero. We also provide Home delivery of carton packaging materials like bubble wrap, plastic roll and tape etc. If you want any of such packaging materials, you can call and order at any time.

truck rental services


Looking for something heavy to deliver? Need a powerful and comfortable truck? Here is what you are looking for. Powerful trucks with high-carriage capacity at affordable prices.

house relocation services


We have affordable and convenient service for relocation of house furniture. No need to worry about hiring small expensive trucks to move your luggage. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable service, you can trust on us and Leave all that matter for us. We can deliver your furniture or any other luggage seamlessly and within no time. Our services are tested and trusted by a large community of customers which prove our reliability and our highness over other similar service providers.

loading and unloading services

Loading and

From loading your 1st package to the unloading of your last package or staff is always there to look after your luggage. We carry your goods with extreme care as if it was our own. We also provide container loading unloading comfortable services. No matter how huge, heavy, or fragile content there is, our powerful labor carry them easily without making any damage to them.

warehouse services


Huge warehouses to store your goods and Electric Appliances. Quality, care and Affordable is what we have for our customers. We will keep your goods with care and untouched. As we always used to say, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

storage services


Providing the Safe storage places at low cost than other expensive companies. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We always take care of our customer’s trust, so we handover the keys of their storage space to the customer in order to ensure to ensure that their luggage is always in their hands.

packing and unpacking services

Packing and Unpacking

‘BT Movers and Packers’ is a reliable name providing the packing and unpacking services as well as moving and shifting. We will pack and unpack your precious luggage with extreme care and responsibility. Our experienced crew is responsible for providing you the ease and comfort without having the headache of providing guidelines to crew.

material insurance services


In addition to the provision of moving and shifting services, ‘BT Movers and Packers’ also helps their customers to get insurance coverage if the luggage or furniture they received through us is damaged or lost. Our employees are always there to help them and guide them what to do in such a matter.